From feeling helpless, lost and unhappy to being full of life, vigour and able to laugh again.

I feel so much happier and content within myself and confident to tackle whatever comes head on.

Not only am I a better person for it, I am in the happy loving marriage I had always dreamed of.

Thank you so much for the help you have given our family. We are amazed at the positive changes we have seen since working with you.

How we help our clients

To mention every area my clients seek coaching, mentoring and support would cover pages as every one of my client's needs are as individual as they are.
Whether you are looking to build confidence, increase your personal development, or improve your self-esteem, focus on your mindset, manage motivation and procrastination or overcome excessive sadness or anxiety, you truly do have what you need inside of you and my job is to help you find it.
Clients who seek me out might be looking for youth coaching, coaching for children, men or women, they may be looking to strengthen relationships, develop more healthy living habits,  or increased energy.
Generating outstanding connection, first-glass communication skills and a formidable work/life balance are often high on my client's wish list.

Our clients' achievements

Though the list often seems endless, here are just some of the ways my clients benefit from our time together.  If you want some or all of these in your life, reach out and let's chat.  All of this and more is available to you now.
Happier, more peaceful, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, clearer minds, more focused, more fulfilled, empowered, excited about life, content, stress-free, clear about their life, more able to do the things they want to, stronger relationships, better communication, freedom from abusive relationships, healthier life choices, overcoming eating issues, gaining self-control, releasing old habits, giving up smoking, job promotions, job offers, increase in salary, greater energy, more connected to themselves and others.

Why us?

Jacqui Greene

Personal Development Coach / Owner

As an experienced Personal Development, Strategic Intervention, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Applied Hypnotherapist and Mentor, I work with individuals, couples, and young people alike.  Those I work with overcome and let go of many of life’s challenges to step forward into lives of happiness, contentment, achievement, and connection.


Based at the Stockbridge Osteopathic Practice in the heart of Hampshire and having also offered many years of remote online services across the globe, the vast majority of my clients have been doctors, nurses, lawyers, busy parents, school teachers, police officers, counsellors, therapists, managers, business owners, and young people aged 14-21. 

You can rest assured that our coaching sessions will be empowering, life-enhancing, and focused on achieving the changes you want to see in your world.


I am a registered member of the Association for Coaching (AC) and have a clear DBS check.



'My career as a coach was borne from a love of helping people and recognising that I was drawn to listening and truly understanding what was going on for the other person. From mentoring within a corporate environment many years ago, I moved towards coaching. My training has taken place and continues to do so, across the UK and USA.

I adore the work that I do and the people I work with, and feel truly honoured to help others find their inner strength and become all that they want, for themselves first.


​In my spare time, I love nothing more than to be in the countryside, with friends and family, walking my dog, or riding my horse.'



Books currently available from Amazon
90 Days of Meditation - A Journey of Self Discovery
90 Days of Meditation - Write Your own Journey - A Guided Notebook


Coming soon
The Psychological Levels of self Love - Create great relationships by first understanding and improving the one you have with yourself.

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Severe trauma is not the only contributor to people feeling lost or misaligned in their lives.

Severe trauma is not the only contributor to people feeling lost or misaligned in their lives.


Lack of self-worth can come from many sources.  Other’s experiences in life may seem terrible in comparison to what led you to feel as you do. Within that comparison lies the very block to you moving through, letting go and finally leaving behind the effects your own past is having on you now.

It's time to stop being busy being busy

It’s time to stop being busy-being-busy.


Like many of the amazing people I work with, there was a time I would spend hours focussing in every other direction than the one that was most important to me. I didn’t have time to stop because there were way too many important things I needed to be doing and yet ultimately, I was keeping myself busy while inside I was far from ok.

Blog. Who am I?

So, who am I?


I had always been a dreamer and an overachiever.  I always knew I was destined for greater things and I always believed I could do better, be better, have better than I was experiencing in my life, but there was a misalignment in me that was holding me back from all of it.  And I lived in that space for more than 15 years.

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